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  MinHang nylon textile industrial co., LTD. Was established in2003Years,Foreign industrial zone is located in changle town of caxa pagoda,Factory covers an area of a company78000㎡,The beautiful scenery,The transportation is convenient,From the center of fuzhou city30Many kilometers,Away from the changle international airport5Kilometers,The east Taiwan across the sea,Changle city in the west,The north min river mouth tourist destination,Space is very good geographical location and the development of an enterprise。

  Beautiful black silk ribbon co., LTD. Is a private owned enterprise,With employees650More than one,The school of old technical secondary school and all kinds of engineering and technical personnel65People(Including the temporary external),Is the enterprise strong engineering and technical personnel,Is the enterprise production、The backbone of the new product new technology development ...[For details]

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L in changle textile production..

  In order to further promote nanping investment environment,Closer ties with the changle textile industry base,To promote the city development of textile industry,27Day,Held in changle city of nanping(Changle)Textile industry special project investment promotion discussion[For details]

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