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DE hui signs, product style novelDE hui signs, product style novel,The price is reasonableKeep improving
Professional sign The manufacturerThe famous brand Production strength
Has sign production equipment,A complete quality management system,And the sign product development philosophy,To carry out and implementISO9001International quality system standard,Strives for perfection the management idea。
Production baseCovers an area of thousands of square meters,The technical teamHundreds of people
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The sign Industry standardsIndustry leading technology international standards
Use the sign industry manufacture technology,To ensure the sign of the specifications of the products variety and structure of modernization。
Companies both at home and abroad long-term cooperation,Strive for perfection。
Signs from the product is popular among users。Product consulting >>
Factory direct sale Effectively save the purchasing costEffectively save the purchasing cost
Factory direct saleSales model,Direct benefit to the customerAchieve the high quality and low price。
Plate material usedCustom size,The printing effect,Product effect,The material selection。
According to customer demand custom sign products and related accessories,And to provideSign custom services。Wholesale and consulting >>
Timely and effectiveAfter sales supportTimely and effective after-sale support Let you after all
The design of the engineering and technical personnel to sign installation used for market research。
Perfect after-sale service system,Technical support team to provide users with solutions。
Considerate service,Rapid response to customer after-sales problem。After consulting >>

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Safe and reliable,High cost performance

Stainless steel plate

Dongguan****The company Consul general xu and DE hui cooperation so long,DE hui, product quality is guaranteed,Outdoor marking system in general will not have what problem within the next decade。They are factory direct supply,Omit the middlemen link,So pay more attention to product quality,Price is also higher,Dongguan aluminum signs factory

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Considerate service,Good marks

Dongguan****The company Manager zhang in the sign industry,We have been the preferred is DE hui!DE hui logo has a professional construction team to the site for installation,No matter when,As long as there is construction problems,DE hui expert team will be in24Hours to free the installation guide,This makes us feel DE hui, courteous service,The identity of the plant in the country is very good,Hope I can keep such good cooperation。Dongguan aluminum signs factory

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The equipment is complete,Well-made

Dongguan****The company S we didn't choose is after on-the-spot investigation and cooperation,Their factory area in anhui province is the biggest of all,And all kinds of equipment is complete,Product fine workmanship!The design of the tiangong、Production team are very professional,More specifically in charge of construction installation engineering team。Such easier then the one-stop service for our project,Reduce a lot of unnecessary trouble。Dongguan aluminum signs factory

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High-end atmosphere,Wonderful artical excelling nature

Dongguan aluminum signs factory

Our long-term and DE hui for strategic cooperation,Because DE hui high-end product design atmosphere,Especially good at using the archaize logo,To incorporate classical and elegant,Mood。Their design can meet the demand of our noble elegant identification system,Also reveal our community's cultural connotation and cultural charm。Dongguan aluminum signs factory

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Dongguan DE hui signs co., LTDabout us

DE hui

DE hui is founded2012Years,Located in the beautiful dongguan first-tier cities,The high-tech zone,The company mainly produces mechanical panel,Screen printing:Stainless steel plate,PVCThe sign,Aluminum panels,Crystal drops of glue,Nameplate,Mechanical operation panel,Plastic signs,Screen printing nameplate,Metal signs.Sign any materials can be customized,The oval shaped card, etc.

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Stainless steel plate|Aluminum panels|Mechanical panel

The analysis of the classification of signs

A roof panels:Refers to in setting some fixed on the roof of a building structure,And hanging in the above or on the strip shape living cube or magic sign.

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Metal signs|Sign production|PVCThe sign

What are the stainless steel material classification

Stainless steel is resistant to acid and alkali salt, such as the floorboard of the etching effect of alloy steel;In the alloy is given priority to with chromium,Some still nickel molybdenum titanium element in order to improve the corrosion resistance,Stainless steel plate with high-grade atmosphere、Don't rust,Life is long、Light weight, etc,And also there are many kinds of stainless steel materials;The following by the Ellis source told everyone its classification:The commonly used304:The current commonly used models,Namely18/8Stainless steel;304Stainless steel is a generality

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Dongguan signs,Guangzhou sign,Shenzhen sign,Nameplate,Dongguan stainless steel plate,25mmThick 304Type wire drawing of stainless steel plate.
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