Anyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTDAnyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTDAnyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTD
Anyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTDAnyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTDAnyang city three hing machinery industrial co., LTD
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The ninth design institute of mechanical industry
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Follow the“Grasp the updated technology,Manufacturing superior products,To provide a better service,Have more customers,Three hing building stronger,Create a more beautiful life”Business enterprise aim;

For China faw,China's no.2,Sinotruk group,Foton motor group,Jianghuai automobile group,In the steam,Sichuan steam,Liu steam,The northern Benz,The universiade car manufacturers,Changan automobile manufacturers, and other automotive industry provides the high quality of riveting equipment and services,Our products are exported to South Korea at the same time,Vietnam,Sudan,Countries such as Malaysia。

PRODUCT CENTER —— Product system,Can be designed according to the requirements of customers
Meet the requirements of users in the frame in any of the production process
HONOR —— Certificate of honor
The listed companies,Enterprise code:208219
  • High integrated hydraulic riveting machine device invention patent
    The patent number:ZL2012 2 20041735.5
  • AXSeries hydraulic riveting machine invention patent
    The patent number:ZL97.2017.77.1
  • Rapid type chassis frame hydraulic riveting equipment invention patent
    The patent number:ZL 2014 20479119.7
The patent
The utility model patent certificate
Trademark registration certificate
High and low pressure combined riveting machine patents
Invention patent
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  • Riveting machine training courseware(Download the data)

    ㈠ AXSeries of fast hydraulic riveting machine is a new kind of riveting equipment,Compared with conventional riveting low noise wind、No vibration、Riveting speed is fast、To improve the working conditions,Improve the quality of the riveting。

sanxing jixie —— Quality is the result of science and technology strength,
Hydraulic riveting machine professional manufacturers

For more than 20 years,Three company is committed to technological progress and improving product quality and performance。In China's automobile industry and the train in the industry,With heavy vehicles and railway vehicle technology constantly updated,The company's riveting machine after several generations of innovation,Continuously introduce new technologies、The new product,To meet the demand of the market。Especially in recent years,The development of cartridge valve hydraulic riveting machine,With fast speed、Fever is small、Stable performance、Low failure rate...

  • More than 20 years specializing in the production of riveting machine
    Custom manufacturers,The listed companies
  • Riveting machine industry standards
    For manufacturers
  • Frame riveting line...Frame riveting
    Standard equipment of professional manufacturers
  • Independent technology development capability;
    Product technical invention patent
  • Cover the whole field of systematization
    Solutions to technical team
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