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MingKang what to do

What do mingkang

Focused on glue machine、With glue machine、Assembly line glue machine、Glue machine customized production、Sales,To perfect the systems for enterprise product glue process solutions
  • Fully automaticABAdhesive glue machineM20

    Fully automaticABAdhesive glue machineM20

    Automatic mixingABGlue,Automatically\Manual control the glue,Can control the proportions and the quantity of glue。Artificial hand glue gun,Applicable to the product line,Glue is difficult

  • ABAdhesive glue machineM700

    ABAdhesive glue machineM700

    Strong commonality of standard automatic glue machine equipment,Suitable for polyurethanePUGlue、Epoxy resinABGlue、Silica gel、It's a two-component crystal glue, glue,Glue need to solve most of the products。

  • MingKang automatic glue machine production line

    MingKang automatic glue machine production line

    Automatic assembly line glue machine,It can customize according to customer demand for special,Functions can be configured all kinds of types。

  • MZ600Automatic vacuum glue machine

    MZ600Automatic vacuum glue machine

    Vacuum glue directly,The space is little suitable products,Electronic components,Atmospheric pressure on rubber products bubble row,Glue viscosity,Glue demanding industrial electronic products。

Glue machine,Automatic glue machine
Why did you choose MingKang

why choose mingkang

Accused of adhesive field research experience for many years,Have a number of invention patents,Independent research and development of precision control system,Provide accurate and efficient solution for glue products
They chose the MingKang


Glue solution


Glue machine production experience for many years,Has a number of invention patent is widely applied to various industries
Glue machine battery
Recommend equipment battery glue
Automatic glue mechanical and electrical source
Recommend equipment power glue
Glue transformer products
Transformer used in glueABAdhesive glue machine
Glue product capacitance
Capacitance using automatic glue machine
Glue machine sensor
Proximity switch sensor automatic glue machine
Glue products rectifier bridge
Rectifier bridge glue machine
Glue productsABGlue transformer
Transformer glue machine
Custom smart glue device
Custom smart glue machine

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